Numerical Constraints Example

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The Numerical Constraints example demonstrates the use of numerical constraints in blawx.

It sets out three rules:

  • People over 18 may vote
  • People over 16 must pay taxes
  • People who must pay taxes but may not vote are suckers.

These are encoded using the numerical constraint blocks, which allows Blawx to reason about more than one numerical constraint at the same time.

The "sucker" test asks Blawx to hypothesize about people and their ages, and then asks whether there are any suckers. The answer returned is that a hypothetical person is a sucker if they have an age 16 or higher (the rule from section 2), and less than 18 (the opposite of the rule from section 1).

Note that in order to ensure that the two constraints are applied to the same age, the attributes "can vote" and "must pay taxes" were implemented as number attributes, so that the same number could be referred to in the sucker rule. If this is not done, then Blawx will consider the possibility that the person has two different ages.