Variable Assignment Block

Variable Assignment Block

Where Is It?

The variable assignment block is found in the Variables drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The variable assignment block is used to assign an object or value to a variable.

Technical Details

The variable assignment block is a statement, and can be stacked with other statements. In the conditions of rules, in a constraint, and in a question block, it is always true, and simply changes the value of a variable in that scope.

Its first internal connector expects a variable. Its second internal connector expects either a variable, an object, or a value.

It should not be used in facts, or in the conclusions of rules.


The variable assignment block is used to assign a value to a variable explicitly. This can be useful in situations where, for example, you would like to re-run a question where the same value is being used over and over, and needs to be changed. Using the variable assignment block would allow you to assign the variable once, and then re-use it by referring to the same variable name repeatedly.