List Aggregation Block

List Aggregation Block

Where Is It?

The List Aggregation Block is located in the data statements drawer of the Blawx toolbox, in the List subdrawer.

What Does It Do?

The List Aggregation Block is used to calculate a single value from a list of values. It can be used to count how many values are in a list, sum them, average them, or find their maximum or minimum value.

Technical Details

The List Aggregation Block is a statement block and can be stacked with other statement blocks. It has an input for the result, which must be a number or a variable. It has a field for the aggregate function that is being chosen, and an input which must be a list or a variable.


Blawx does not know in advance whether the list you provide to this block can have the selected aggregate function applied to it. Any list can have its length counted, but only lists of numerical values can be averaged, for example. If you are having problems with the list aggregation block, make sure that the lists you are trying to aggregate contain only the expected type of value.