Fact Block

Fact Block

Where Is It?

The fact block is found in the Primary drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The fact block is used to set out things that are known with certainty.

This includes statements about what categories and attributes exist, as well as statements about what objects are known to exist and what values they have in their attributes.

Technical Details

The fact block is an outer block.

The fact block accepts a single stack of statements. Unlike most blocks in Blawx, the stack is not treated as a list of conjoined statements. Instead, each statement is given its own scope, and does not share variable names with the other statements in the stack.

You can have as many fact blocks in your workspace as you like.

A fact block is complete if it has a stack of at least one statement on its statement connector. A fact block without at least one statement is incomplete, but Blawx may ignore it.


It is a good idea to use multiple fact blocks to separate out different types of facts that you may need to deal with at different times. This allows you to collapse fact blocks that you don't need at the moment, and make your workspace a little easier to read.

For instance, you might have one fact block you are using to create categories and attributes, and another fact block you are using to specify the facts of a test scenario.