Date Add Block

Date Add Block

Where Is It?

The Date Add block is located in the dates drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The Date Add block is used to require that a relationship hold between two dates and the duration between them.

It accepts a starting date, a duration, and a datetime that corresponds to adding that duration to the starting date.

If you provide two of these values, it will derive the third, which means that it can be used to add durations to dates, or used to subtract dates from one another to get durations.

Technical Details

The Date Add block is a statement block that can be stacked with other statements.

It accepts three inputs: a duration value, and two date or datetime values.

If any two inputs are bound, the third will be derived. If all three are bound, it will check whether the relationship holds.


To subtract a duration from a date or datetime, use a negative sign in the duration.

If you add a duration to a date, Blawx will add the duration to 12:00am on that date.