Applies Block

Applies Block

Where Is It?

The Applies block is located in the exceptions drawer of the Blawx toolbox.

What Does It Do?

The Applies block is used to state or query whether a section of your rules applies to an object.

Technical Details

The Applies block is a statement block which can be stacked with other statements. It accepts a section selector for the specific section and an object or a variable representing the object to which the section does or does not apply.


Rules can use the Applies block to check explicitly whether or not an object applies to a given rule. Rules generated using the attributed rule block will automatically check the applicability of any objects which are named in a object category block in the conditions of the rule, only if "subject to applicability" has been selected on the attributed rule block. If rules are not made explicitly subject to applicability, and applicability is not explicitly checked in the conditions of a rule, statements made with the applies block will have no effect.